The Promotion and Education (P&E) Committee has the responsibility of providing educational opportunities and experiences for Farm Bureau members and selected non-members (students, consumers, potential members, and others) to the end that Farm Bureau and agriculture are benefited.


Appointees to the P&E Committee should be interested in promoting agriculture and Farm Bureau through promotional and/or educational programs. They should enjoy working with a variety of people, have the ability to communicate, and be willing to assist in the organization of people and events. Dedication and a positive outlook are important characteristics for members of this committee.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Identify specific, local agricultural and/or Farm Bureau needs that can be addressed through the Promotion and Education Committee.
  • Utilize the Promotion and Education Committee handbook to help determine projects to be done on a county level.
  • Develop projects and programs that fulfill the identified needs and submit them for approval to the county Farm Bureau board.

Time Commitment

  • Committee chair should plan to attend monthly county Farm Bureau Board Meetings, or other identified committee member.
  • Attend 2-3 committee meetings per year on an as needed basis.
  • Follow-up with project leaders and committee members to ensure project completion.

NameContact Info
Brandie KlinePosition: Chair
Phone: (269) 365-4413
Email: [email protected]
Tricia BartholomewPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 207-9797
Email: [email protected]
Kathleen BuckhamPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 375-7676
Email: [email protected]
Alisha GibsonPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 873-5857
Email: [email protected]
Alyssa GibsonPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 719-6907
Email: [email protected]
Kelly LeachPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 207-3047
Email: [email protected]
Clifford LipscombPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 746-4671
Email: [email protected]
Dawn MyersPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 746-4755
Email: [email protected]
Violet PolingPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 743-7700
Email: [email protected]
Mallory SchugPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 832-1058
Email: [email protected]
Ashley SchunkPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 746-4315
Email: [email protected]
Kali SootsmanPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 806-6130
Email: [email protected]