The Membership Committee is charged with the planning and conducting of the annual county membership campaign.

This campaign should ensure continued membership growth in the county by retaining previous years’ members and acquiring new members for the current year. The committee’s success relies on the involvement of current members to make certain that contacts to members and non-members are as far-reaching in the county as possible.


  • Committee members should be Farm Bureau members.
  • Should be dedicated to the high ideals and long-standing philosophy of the Farm Bureau organization.
  • Available to attend committee meetings, the Field Day and recognition events.


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Draw up a county membership plan with the committee chair and regional representative.
  • Hold a meeting in January/February to finalize membership plans and fi x assignments.
  • Identify and contact membership workers in accordance with the membership plan.
  • Promote enthusiasm and a feeling of confidence.
  • Attend the county Field Day event meeting and help maintain a high level of enthusiasm towards a short, successful campaign.
  • Make contacts with workers during the campaign and forward progress reports to the membership chair.
  • Participate in the victory/recognition phase of the campaign.
  • Develop activities for new members to create a positive membership experience.



NameContact Info
June BaileyPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 375-3187
Email: [email protected]
Steven GazdagPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 342-6485
Email: [email protected]
Clayton HislerPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 552-4567
Email: [email protected]
Melvin KloosterPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 344-1936
Email: [email protected]
Dawn PhelpsPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 649-3860
Email: [email protected]
Larry PhelpsPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 998-0264
Email: [email protected]
Lisa RobbPosition: Member
Phone: (269) 388-2310
Email: [email protected]
Brandie KlinePosition: Membership Captain
Phone: (269) 365-4413
Email: [email protected]
Michael KlinePosition: Membership Captain
Phone: (269) 569-9663
Email: [email protected]